Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private Lessons

Our most popular class can accommodate children of all ages and ability levels. We will pair your child with another student of similar age and swimming level. We have found that two children in a class allows for safety and individualized instruction. With a small class size our instructors are able to create a bond and establish the trust necessary to teach your children at the pace best suited for them. Having a partner in their class makes learning fun for the students and also provides camaraderie, inspiration, motivation, and confidence.

AQua Wave instructors are trained to teach all levels of swimming from beginners to advanced stroke technique. We welcome both eager and cautious students and have an impressive success rate turning them into swimmers. As your child learns and progresses, your instructor will add new activities and skills to continually strengthen his or her swimming abilities.

Private Lessons

Our Private lessons are designed for students ages 18 months through adolescence. Your child will have one-on-one attention from our extensively trained instructors who know how to teach all levels of swimming from beginners to stroke technique.

Why are the Semi-Private/Private classes 20 minutes?
  1. Our lessons are designed to maximize the typical amount of time that young children are able to focus on instruction. We have found that longer instruction sessions result in repetitive practice of skills that are better honed with time and with the child’s development. We encourage students to take advantage of play time before and after each lesson so they have more exposure to the water.
  2. The 20 minute lesson time also allows us to keep the classes small (1 or 2 students,) creating the safest environment possible. Students in a larger group class end up having a longer wait time between turns, increasing the chance of accidents, kids getting cold, and kids losing focus.
How many lessons will it take for my child to swim?
  1. It depends. What is your definition of swimming? For some it is defined by a child who can independently navigate across a pool. For others, they must be swimming freestyle, and maybe the other 3 competitive strokes. The answer depends on whether you are looking for your child to be independently playing in the pool, or you want them swim team ready.
  2. Every lesson is tailored to meet your child’s specific needs. We consider their age, level of development, all degrees and facets of fears, or lack of fear. The average toddler or pre-school aged child can learn to be independent in the pool in 32 lessons or about 8 months. This is based on the desire for your child to enjoy swimming and retain life long skills.
When are Semi-Private Classes Available?
Our Semi-Private classes run continuously all hours of every day that we are open. Click Here to see our hours of operation. We prefer to ask you for your availability and find an opening based on your schedule. We will carefully place your child either alone in a class or with a child of similar age and ability. This is why we are not able to let you choose you class online.
Do I Get in the Water with my Child?
It is not customary or necessary for a parent to be in the water for the lessons. The child will generally choose to be with the parent instead of the instructor, and this prolongs the time it takes for the instructor to establish trust with them. This trust and the bond between teacher and student is important in the student’s progress.
What Age is Appropriate for Semi-Private Lessons?
We have had some children start Semi-Private classes as early as 9 months old, skipping Parent & Me classes all together. Ideally, 18 to 24 months is the best time to start. Generally this class is appropriate for kids up to 13 years old.

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